From t2thethird to t3Kiyo

Logo explanation: In black, you see the Japanese Kanji for the number 3 “三” (san). You see a red english “t”. In blue, you see Japanese katakana for “キ” (Ki), and in red again, below, Japanese katakana for “ヨ”(yo). This therefore represents t3 + Kiyo. The Japanese katakana for “ヨ”(yo) also looks like the number “3”. Yes, this is by design and not a coincidence ^_^

Journey to into VR

As many of you know who have followed my small blog venture know, t2thethird was originally meant to be a blog only, focused on technology, travel, and treats, or tasty food, which are the main loves of my life, other than the spouse.

However, after discovering VR (Virtual Reality) for the first time earlier this year, my life changed. Or I should say, after owning VR for the first time, because I had experienced it before. But owning it is different. You see, my health was not good. I was told I needed exercise or I could risk diabetes and other complications. It was kind of a wake up call. VR, however, arrived at the perfect moment. And my first love with VR, and still my main love, is this wonderful game called Beat Saber. Everything escalated from there.

Virtual Reality allows you to play video games in a way that utilizes your entire body, unlike the “flat” games people usually think about when the word “video game” is thrown into their midst. Virtual Reality introduced a legitimately fun source of exercise into my life. Some people enjoy sports, or the gym; but I enjoy beat saber. For the unfamiliar, once you put the Virtual Reality headset on, you are transported into a 3D world that is capable of tracking your position in all directions. Therefore, it is very much like entering another world.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber consists of slicing a series of blocks, that fly towards you, with virtual reality sabers, all at the rhythm of a song. For a detailed overview of beat saber, please read my previous post.

Because of the nature of the game, you engage in significant physical activity. Suffice it to say that the average Beat Saber player burns at least 1000 Kcal in a 1 to 2 hour session, depending of their play style. And here is where it gets more interesting: avatars.

Avatars are kind of like in the James Cameron movie, they are humanoid figures that represent you and your movements, except they are within a virtual world. Avatars are usually 3D rendered models of fictitious characters. A person can then wear motion capture trackers over their body, which translates their movements directly into the avatar. So whichever way you move, the avatar will as well. I will post a video explaining how full body tracking at some point. For now, let me give you a visual instead. Here is one of my videos where I am actively playing Beat Saber, and the avatar does whatever I do:

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As you can see, the avatar movements are fairly realistic, and very representative of how a real person, aka me, is moving while playing beat saber. It is also easy to see why this changed my life. I lost almost 40 lbs in a 4 month period, and I feel better than I ever have in a while.

Name Change

So, let me get to the point. Why am I re-branding? What is changing? Main reason is, that I found a new way to drive my passions. My passions continue to be technology, travel, and delicious food, but VR and avatar technology allows me to present everything in a way I never could have imagined before. In short, the content will be represented and hosted by my virtual original character, Kiyo.

Picture I use for Social Media. Kiyo’s first official picture!

I do not really want to call myself a Vtuber, such as the infamous Kizuna Ai. I do not see Kiyo as representation of myself, but rather an extension of myself. I will be using Kiyo to present Technology highlight videos, gaming videos, travel videos, even food content. She (I) will come to life by the use of virtual motion capture technology, and a team effort between my spouse and I. And the content is basically the same. The original concept of t2thethird, Travel, Tech, and Treats, or Tasty food, or as I call them the 3 “t”s, remains alive. Except it will utilize VR technology to be presented by me as Kiyo. Also, because Kiyo was originally used for Beat Saber videos that I started making for fun, I will be finding creative ways to combine Beat Saber with travel and food footage. Look forward to some weirdness on my youtube channel!

This is why the name is changing. The concept of the 3 “t”s previously contained in “t2thethird” has been shrunk to a better suited “t3”, followed by the name Kiyo, who is now the face of all the content. It is also worth noting that the most popular meanings of the Japanese name Kiyo are “purity” and “joy”. As in, joy in technology, travel, and tasty food. Isn’t it perfect? Hehe. And not only that, I have managed to insert my absolutely undying love for anime into this ordeal by using an anime avatar. I am and have always been a nerdy weeb.

Where I am now

The reason I started using avatars in the first place is because I found out they could be used within beat saber, and I really wanted to see what a fully 3D rendered cute anime girl looked like playing beat saber. That is honestly the reason. However, the easiest way to record these beat saber sessions without killing my hard drive space was to stream it online. I did not think anyone would watch it and I was only doing it for fun. Three months later, this evolved into growing my youtube channel from 0 to 52 subscribers (not much, but it is something), and my Twitch to 75 followers as of this writing; and to becoming a Twitch Affiliate (gives me the right to a share of Twitch Profit during my streams).

I also made a Twitter account and a Facebook account for the channel, which helped me promote.

Where I want to be

I want to learn how to make better content. This blog has now evolved from being text only to a fully featured social media brand with videos, twitch streams, twitter promos, and facebook behind the scene posts, all interconnected by Kiyo as the common denominator. I want to grow this to a point where I can share my passion for VR tech, tech in general, beat saber, travel, food…..everything! Yes, that is a lot of things, but I aim to make it all cohesive, once again, by having my Kiyo persona to tie it all together.

Where can I find the content?

I have made a Social Media Links and Content Guide page, that fully explains what kind of content will be posted in which medium.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope you continue to give us your support.

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